What a BEST Friend is ALL About…


Here’s my BFF Chase enjoyinn the snow!


One of the many Lessons and LOVE I have learned to appreciate through my Dogs is for NATURE. From the many Animals (and Insects) we have got to see and sometimes mingle with to the BEAUTIFUL Moon, Sun, & Sky which lights our way daily. Not to forget the trees, waterways, and plants that surround us, LIFE is truly about Harmony and Celebration for the Miricles we sometimes take for granted. Here’s a quick video of some of what we are so Blessed to DISCOVER almost daily. CLICK HERE For My Website about these DISCOVERIES & LOVE of NATURE

Dogs need someone they can depend on for life, and some breeds (especially the working breeds) need physical/mental opportunities to engage what they were born to do such as my Huskies featured in this FUN video.

We need to know our Dogs because they all have an individual personality….writing about them helps me understand them best and therefore be able to provide them the best possible situations and life. Above is a video from one of our Free-Ranging Adventures. For my website I built about my Dogs with writings, pictures, and even songs about them CLICK HERE

Here’s a great view of the CONFIDENCE I have been able to instill in my Dogs through COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING as they all learn at thier own pace and in individual ways. Approaching this tunnel tethered to something moving can be very intimidating and concerning for an unfamilliar Dog and as we exit the Tunnel the rampway is narrow but as you can see the Dogs are very sure of themselves (Tails Wagging and & Tongues Smiling) not questionening or hesitating as we roll on through! For More About My Training System Please CLICK HERE

Curiosity is a guarunteed way to appeal to most any Dog. Add to that the ability to be able for us humans to share in on the Dog’s FUN are the ingredients for some of the ULTIMATE of times. This video that was actually fimed by my Dog Chase wearing a 360 Virtual reality camera (you nan move the view all around) as we explore a Cave (that’s right) OFF-LEASH on one of our DogPowered Go-Carting Adventures is probably one of the COOLEST Videos we have produced. For My Complete Library of PURE Having FUN Videos (as my Dogs Wear Cameras) CLICK HERE

As I say on the tagline for this website “Dog Love To The Extreme!” Here’s more proof…I have actually written an entire library as large if not larger than any Group are Artist out there chronicling my life with Dogs. Including training methods adventures we have done, as well as about the equipment we use and of course much about the Dogs and thier antics. Also music has been infused in other ways along my Dog Journey including Musicians playing in the DogPowered Go-Cart as we MUSH for the Dogs Pleasure:) Also I have Designed and Commisioned A DOG Shaped Guitar!! Relaxation and Mediation Music are also part of my library that I’ve produced for my Dog’s purposes to RELAX & COMFORT them when needed. CLICK HERE for this most INCREDIBLE Music Library about DOG Related FUN!

I’m all about promoting the Life & Love I have been so Inspired to live daily with my Dogs! I would LOVE to share this especially with children so maybe they can learn what Animals & of course Dogs can mean to us peeps. Here’s a FUN way I have created through giving my Dogs “alter egos” you see after our Adventuring is done for the day my WooFPAK becomes the SnoWOOFS!! Hopefully these cartoons can excite the kids and talk to them about this. I actaully built a website about this so CLICK HERE for SnoWWOFS.


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