Canines & Me Singing & Living in Harmony…

As I say on the tagline for this website “Dog Love To The Extreme!” Here’s more proof…I have actually written an entire library as large if not larger than any Group are Artist out there chronicling my life with Dogs. Including training methods adventures we have done, as well as about the equipment we use and of course much about the Dogs and thier antics. Also music has been infused in other ways along my Dog Journey including Musicians playing in the DogPowered Go-Cart as we MUSH for the Dogs Pleasure:) Also I have Designed and Commisioned A DOG Shaped Guitar!! Relaxation and Mediation Music are also part of my library that I’ve produced for my Dog’s purposes to RELAX & COMFORT them when needed. CLICK HERE for this most INCREDIBLE Music Library about DOG Related FUN!

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